IWL RAS pays close attention to developing digital technology and creating databases and digital resources dedicated to studies of literature and folklore.

An on-line journal of IWL RAS “Novye rossiiskie gumanitarnye issledovaniia” (New Russian humanitarian research, http://www.nrgumis.ru/) and the fundamental digital library “Russkaya Literatura I Folklor” (Russian Literature and Folklore, http://www.feb-web.ru), created by IWL RAS jointly with “Informregistr” and rated one of the most accessed on-line resources of its kind continue functioning.

The following websites were created by IWL RAS:

The website of the “Literaturnoe Nasledstvo” series that posts most of the issues of this prestigious academic periodical in digital version (http://litnasledstvo.ru);

“Pervaia Mirovaia Voina I Russkaia Literatura” (World War 1 and Russian Literature), which posted 1850 various materials by more than 470 authors (http://ruslitwwi.ru);

“Russkaia revoliutsiia 1917 goda v literaturnykh istochnikakh” (The Russian Revolution of 1917 in Literary Sources; http://ruslitrev1917.ru/);

“Vechnye siuzhety i obrazy v literature i iskusstve russkogo modernizma” (Eternal Stories and Images in Literature and Art of Russian Modernis; http://modernista.moscow);

“Techeniia literatury XX veka. Evropa i Amerika” (Literary Currents of the 20th century. Europe and America; http://techeniya20.imli.ru/).

A digital library of IWL RAS was created and presently functions (http://biblio.imli.ru).