IWL RAS publishes scientific journals adressed to international audience of scholars, historians of literature and all readers interested in philological studies. 

«Studia Litterarum»

«Studia Litterarum» is a peer-reviewed scholarly philological journal in free access, dedicated to fundamental research in history and theory of world literature and folklore, textology and source studies.

The journal is targeted on international audience and is intended to provide a platform for scholarly publications by Russian and foreign experts related to philological disciplines.

It is a quarterly journal that accepts articles in Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

«Studia Litterarum» was founded by A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of Russian Academy of Sciences (IWL RAS).

Year of foundation ‒ 2016.

ZIP Code according to the catalogue “Newspapers and Journals” of “Rospechat” agency ‒ 80538.

«Studia Litterarum» is published both digitally and in print.

The journal website: http://studlit.ru


“Literatura Dvuh Amerik”

“Literatura Dvuh Amerik” (The Literature of the Americas) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal on the history of American literature. It is published both in print and digitally. The digital version is in free access. Publishing frequency is 2 issues per year.

Year of foundation ‒ 2016.

The journal accepts and publishes articles in Russian, English, Spanish, French and German.

The journal is targeted towards professional Americanologists as well as readers deeply interested in the history of American literatures.

Journal’s website: http://litda.ru


“Literaturniy Fact”

“Literaturniy Fact” (Literary Fact) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal on the history of Russian literature and philology. It is published both in print and digitally with 4 issues per year.

The journal’s programme includes: articles, notes and essays on Russian literature of the 18th ‒ 20th centuries and various materials on the history of Russian literary studies.

Journal’s website: http://litfact.ru